Pavage Massie is a leader in concrete solutions and specializes in the construction of concrete sidewalks, parking curbs and slabs

Our team is committed to meeting client challenges as they arise and is dedicated to working to our clients’ high standards.

We shape edges using specialized machines to maximize production, thereby giving our clients more competitive pricing. We also have a team that specializes in concrete formwork.

Our company has built a reputation of excellence in the area of civil engineering due to the quality of our work and the reliability of our services. Our teams’ expertise and efficiency, coupled with our ethical business standards, have made Pavage Massie the uncontested leader in the concrete industry in the Outaouais.

We provide commercial services and also serve municipalities, governments and institutions.

Our services include:

  • Parking lot marking
  • Concrete sidewalks
  • Concrete slabs
  • Concrete steps
  • Bollards
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