Pavage Massie takes care of your asphalt throughout the years!

Pavage Massie will give you useful tips on caring for your new pavement. For instance, you should not drive on freshly-paved asphalt for three to four weeks after the completion of the work.

You should also take the following measures in the months following the paving work: be extra careful on hot days, as high temperatures will make the asphalt slightly pliable during the first year. You should therefore avoid placing heavy objects on the pavement, dragging chairs or BBQs, or turning the wheels of your car when it is not moving. You may water your driveway on hot days to help harden the asphalt temporarily.

Although the sensitivity to heat may seem like a disadvantage, it is in fact a significant benefit. Over time, the asphalt will be more flexible and less likely to be affected by the freeze-thaw cycles and will therefore require less maintenance and repair work.

As the sun gently heats the tar in the asphalt during the first year, the pavement will harden gradually let the sun do the work for you!

If you have any questions on how to care for your pavement, our team will be pleased to answer them.

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